Mind, Body and Soul.

At the moment we are on the run up to Christmas, where we might party a little bit too much (burning the candle at both ends), eat a little too much, drink a little too much and probably spend a little too much! Thankfully it’s only once a year.
Once the clock chimes midnight on December 31st and we ring in the new year, perhaps we should look at ways we can give our mind, body and soul a break?

A long weekend in nature can work wonders, sometimes we don’t even realise we need to re-set and decelerate until we have taken a moment to stop. There are many benefits of being in nature, the most well-known is stress reduction. Getting outside, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces stress and anxiety, tension and blood pressure and increases happiness, positivity, creativity and sleep quality.
Getting away from screens (computer or mobile) and outside in to nature, is a great way to reconnect with partners, friends and family without any distractions.
It has been found that children exposed to the natural world showed increased self-esteem and that it provided a calming influence, with children becoming happier and healthier.

You might not feel all that encouraged to get outside in January, but something as simple as a brisk walk followed by a nice warming cup of tea could send your spirits soaring.

Perhaps try a night or two glamping in January, all of our glamping units have heating inside so you can stay all year round. Our CargoPods are perfect for families and Armadillas great for two adults. Large glass windows and bi-folding doors let you feel at one with the environment but in complete comfort. The private log fired hot tubs take a bit of time to get going, (this is about decelerating, what’s the hurry?) but once at temperature it’s the most wonderful way to relax for the evening.

We all know time is precious, but sometimes the most precious thing we can do with our time, is to do nothing. Our new Lushna Suites, offer the perfect opportunity to do just that.
Large comfortable beds facing floor to ceiling glass, oh and the view over the estuary is fantastic. You won’t want to do more than laze in bed, read a good book and maybe, just maybe, get out of bed for dinner. There is little lighting at the site at night, which makes it magnificent for star gazing and wildlife spotting. We have seen foxes, hares, Muntjac deer and even the odd badger.

Glamping in January is all about slowing down and unplugging for a night or two. Don’t feel guilty about doing nothing, doing nothing is doing something, focus on you, it’s so good to switch off, see it as a well needed prescription for your mind, body and soul.
We aim for you to return home feeling rested and recharged, rejuvenated and happy.

Best wishes for the festive season from all of us here at Lee Wick Farm, hope to see you in 2019.
Robert, Emma, Jan, Chris, Roy, Iain, Jess, Yvonne, Rebecca, Emily, Taryn, Alec, Cheryl, Jo and Polly dog.