Happy Hot Tubbing

I thought I would write a blog about hot tubs as our guests ask more questions about these, than anything else.
Our hot tubs are all log fired, purchased from Naked Flame Hot Tubs. We decided on log fired tubs as we liked the natural look and feel and they fit well with Glamping and the great outdoors. They are quiet and don’t bubble, so it’s like taking a bath in the surrounding nature.

The following properties have hot tubs at the farm:
Stable Cottage, Green CargoPod and Purple CargoPod each have private 4 person log fired hot tubs set on their secluded decking.
These are optional to book (because not everyone can or wants to use a hot tub) and they cost an additional sum.
All three of our Armadillas, plus MegaPods 1 and 2 each have a private 2 person log fired hot tub. Again these are optional to book and cost an additional sum.
We cannot move the hot tubs, they are permanently sited on the private decking of the properties mentioned. By the way, the hot tubs are not under cover, it’s lovely to relax in a tub gazing at the stars. If it rains, well it’s still relaxing and you could always use an umbrella (yes we have used umbrellas in our hot tub in the rain!)

All of the hot tubs are supplied freshly cleaned and filled with water, we also supply logs, kindling and a firebrick per night booked to light them. It is up to you our lovely guests to light and heat them for use. We let our guests light the hot tubs as we figured you wouldn’t want one of us hanging around for 2 or more hours once you have arrived and all you want to do is relax!
We leave instructions for use in your cottage or Pod, but remember the key to heating the hot tub is adding one, two or perhaps three logs once you have the fire blazing, every 10-15 minutes, if you don’t do this, they will take much longer to heat.
You will need a bit of patience, but light the BBQ, or sit and relax with a glass of something cold and make sure to set a timer on your phone every 10 – 15 minutes, it’s worth it when the tub is hot and you can hop in.

How long do the hot tubs take to heat?
Well this really depends on a few things, the weather, size of hot tub and if you add logs every 10-15 minutes… or not.
In the summer months, the 2 person hot tubs should take about 90 minutes – 2 hours to heat and about 3 – 3.5 hours for the 4 person tubs. In the winter it can take longer, due to air and water temperature. If you let the fire lapse in the burner it will take longer too. Use the thermometer provided to check the temperature of the water and of course gently dip your hand in like you would a bath, before you get in. If too hot add a little cold water from the out door tap and hose.

Booking a hot tub
You can book your accommodation online via our website, but it is not possible to book the hot tub at the same time. As long as you book a property with a hot tub (mentioned above), you will of course have the option to add the hot tub to your booking. We only withdraw the hot tubs from bookings if the weather is freezing, as frozen water can damage the hot tubs. The only other reason we would withdraw a hot tub is if other general damage has been caused, or a leak found for example.
Back to booking, once we receive your booking, we will email you confirmation, adding pricing details and information regarding the hot tub at the property you have booked. You will receive three PDF’s attached to this email and it is vitally important that you read these. This is because the hot tubs are not suitable for everyone, health and safety is paramount, we like our guests to know how to use the hot tubs before booking and finally the terms and conditions are binding. Once you have read the three PDF’s, please email us to confirm you have read them and would like to go ahead and book the hot tub. We will then add it to your booking for you.

On arrival at your accommodation
Settle in and then think about heating the hot tub, it’s best to get it going the earlier the better really, to use it the same evening.
Follow the instructions left for you, light the four corners of the firebrick in the burner part of the hot tub and once the kindling is a light, add a couple of logs and continue to do this every 10-15 minutes until it’s at your desired temperature (this may be cooler in the summer months).
Stir the water with the wooden paddle each time you add logs otherwise you end up with areas of cold and hot water which is most odd when you get in (we have learned this from experience). It does take a bit of time and patience to get the tub to temperature.
When you are ready to jump in, have a shower first, this is important because the hot tubs are wood and they can absorb fake tan or perfume, which obviously we don’t want to happen and of course it’s good hot tub etiquette if you are hot tubbing with a friend, partner or family member.
Put your swimmers on, then test the water with your hand first (like you would a bath) if it feels OK, slowly immerse yourself, do not jump in quickly.
Finally relax, perhaps with a cold drink using the plastic glasses we provide (no glass in the hot tub please as bare flesh and glass do not go).

We hope you enjoy hot tubbing, it does take a bit of patience while heating the water, (perhaps those fire making skills you learned in the Brownies or Scouts all those years ago might finally come in useful!) but we promise it’s worthwhile once you get in and float your stresses away.