Finished at last!

Exterior 1

Here is the completed CargoPod™ at long last in all it’s glorious purpleness. It has taken about 4-5 months to finish, not helped by the bad weather in January.

The first booking was on the 25th April and we have guests arriving every weekend now during May and early June, so get in quick if you would like to book.

The idea originally developed from wanting to offer something different from the MegaPods to add to the ‘glamping’ accommodation here at Lee Wick Farm.

A Google search brought up a pop up hotel in Sweden created from shipping containers and the idea was formed. Robert who owns Lee Wick Farm Cottages and Glamping, uses containers to export the farms’ potatoes to the Canary Islands and thought the idea of a converted container a great addition to the glamping side of the business.

The name ‘CargoPod™’ came about after a little thought and research and seemed the perfect way to differentiate between the other Pods, the ‘Cargo’ part coming from the containers previous existence, carrying cargo around the world.

The popularity in converting containers seems to be growing, helped by the TV series ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ where series one saw the creation of a container office and series two, a class room space.

We hope to create one more ‘CargoPod™’, bigger than our original and are currently planning the design.