The CargoPod and Future Plans


Apologies for the slightly dark picture, we finished cladding the CargoPod on a slightly grey day in mid December (2016).

For those who this is the first visit to our website, I hope you’ll look at our CargoPod and think what a sophisticated looking Glamping Pod it is. For those who have stayed with us before, or visited our web pages from April 2014 (when the CargoPod was born) until December 2016, they will be looking at something rather alien to them, for what lurks beneath the sophisticated Western Red Cedar cladding is the original Purple CargoPod.

Exterior 1

We loved the CargoPod just as it was and so did the many guests who stayed with us during that initial period. So why did we change it, you are bound to ask yourselves? Well, there was one neighbour, who didn’t like us having the CargoPod, so they complained to the council. In their wisdom the council decided it was unsuitable, so with a lot of deliberation over what would be suitable, we were finally forced to clad it in the lovely Cedar timber. Now, don’t misunderstand us, we really like the Cedar cladding too, it does look rather smart, but we really did also like the original CargoPod in all it’s purpleness (Rob’s choice!). So for those nostalgic guests, here’s a before picture to reminisce over.


By the way, the container inside is exactly the same as before, with all it’s nice little purple touches and the log fired hot tub on the deck.


Plus it’s had a full re-paint inside (December 2016) and in the next quiet moment will also be having some nice new flooring added. It’s also getting a new sofabed and matching bean bag (yes all in purple and yes, Rob’s choice), in mid January 2017. Pictures will be updated then.

We were hoping to have a second CargoPod this year, as the first was so popular, but as it has taken so long to finalise the original, this will have to sit on the back burner until 2018 if planning permission allows of course…
At the moment we are excitedly waiting for our three new Armadillas, we have one already, waiting at the farm and the other two should arrive in February. Site works will begin shortly to have these ready to go by April 2017, all being well.
These are all images from the manufacturer and show the front and back. The large port hole window opens and offers a great view from the bed or seating area.
The Armadillas will sleep up to two adults and the bench seating converts in to either a double bed or two single beds. They have underfloor heating, mood lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, DVD player, an internal loo and shower wet room, a small kitchen area (similar to the Megapods and CargoPod) and really good storage including a wardrobe. Outside by each Armadilla there will be a fire pit, seating and table, BBQ and a log fired hot tub for two people, something like this one below.
Log fired hot tub for 2 people

Log fired hot tub for 2 people

We hope to have an open day when the Armadillas are ready, so will keep you posted on when that will be.
Finally we wish you a very happy 2017, and hope you will come and stay soon!
Emma & Rob, Polly the dog, Lenny the cat and the rest of our small team here at Lee Wick Farm, where the Glamping continues in the face of adversity!